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Review ‘Entropie’

Review by Mr. Marcello Cazzaniga, owner of Camaver Kunsthaus (, following the exhibition ‘Entropie’, Florence (It), November 2017

The artist expresses himself through photography, he defines his style as photographic impressionism. He uses light as if it were color distributed in soft brushstrokes.

The themes dealt with are mainly the natural representation, the Nordic landscape that of the Dutch plains and Denmark, which seem to emanate a muffled silence, a suspended and enchanted atmosphere.

Those of Jaap Berghoef are works that enhance the simplicity of nature but which nonetheless stimulate our senses in a unique way; the exaltation of some details pushes the observer towards the search for a deeper contact with nature and with his soul.

Light is the great protagonist of these photographs as it defines the shadows and nuances. It is in these shadows that we find the interesting part of these works, psychological introspection, the idea that there is something beyond appearance, at the end of a path at the end of the horizon.

That thrill that we experience in front of these visions is the feeling that manifests itself in us, it is that hidden aspect of art that causes something to come out that we do not know how to encode but which makes us emotion.

This artist with a simple life does nothing but transmit his love for nature and his vision of a simple everyday but this is not a life full of mystery and wonder. Berghoef manages in a shot to trap the essence of nature, the contrast and the ineluctable and inescapable relationship between light and shadow.



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