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The Muses – Online group exhibition (2017)

I’m participating in an online group exhibition about what inspires artists. Curator of this exhibition is Cynthia Willett.

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The website: The Muses

My contribution:

I am a huge admirer of impressionist paintings, especially the landscapes of Claude Monet. I take a look at his landscape paintings regularly, both in museums, in books and online, as a source of inspiration for my landscape photography. The painting “Seine near Giverny” I found on the Internet in an (expired) announcement of an exhibition in the Philbrook Museum Of Art (Tulsa, OK), with the theme “Monet and the Seine” (2014). The “river paintings” of Monet, and especially this painting, inspired me to make a series of high ISO, grainy (non edited) photos on the banks of a river in the Netherlands. The photo “A day once dawned and it was beautiful” is one of them.


The muse

Claude Monet - Seine near Giverny







Claude Monet, The Seine at Giverny, 1840 – 1926, Oil on canvas

Image source (Philbrook Museum Of Art)

My photo:

Puur, Pure, Overbelicht, High Key, Hoge gevoeligheid, High Sensitive, Hoge ISO, High ISO, korrel, korrelig, grain, grainy, schilderen met licht, waterverf, watercolor, painterly, painting with light, painting with the camera, schilderen met de camera, sketched painted painterly impressionist impressionistisch fotografie photography jaap berghoef jaapberghoefICM, intentional camera movement,, jaapberghoef, jaap berghoef, fotografie, photography, impressionistische fotografie, impressionist photography, fotografisch impressionist, photographic impressionist, kunst, art, artistic, geschenk, cadeau, gift, woondecoratie, decoratie, decoration, flower, sensitive nature

A day once dawned and it was beautiful



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