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A land of polders and rivers: Shivering trees in morning haze

Sold on Saatchi Art to an art collector in the USA: Limited edition #1 of 4 in the size 80×120 cm (±32×48 inch)

The photo ‘Shivering trees in morning haze’ is the second photo in a triptych in the series ‘A land of polders and rivers’, part of the Gallery ‘Untouched land’: three photos that I made without the abstraction or impressionism through camera movement, which are so characteristic for my work.

It is a triptych that is special to me, because they bring back the experience that I had when I arrived at the river… and because of the beautiful grain.
I made the photos on a misty autumn morning along the river Maas, about 10 kilometers from my former home town Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

What I saw when I arrived at the river was an amazing atmosphere of an impressionist painting. The light, the colors and the scene were perfect… The silence was magical, the smell of wet grass was as an intoxicating fragrance.
I decided to make this three photos with a clearly visible, coarse grain that gives the photos an impressionist feel. As you can expect from me; no ‘post processing’ of the photos.

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