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Easter exhibition 2019: Framed prints

Yesterday the prints arrived, so I’m proud to present you the first prints in a frame, ready for the exhibition!

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Click the image to see all the photos I selected for the exhibition

Why do I use second-hand frames?

First of all to make a statement: way too many good used items end up in the landfill or incinerator.

Secondly, because I think that choosing a frame is just as personal as choosing a work of art. Of course I can frame the print in a beautiful design frame, but there is a good chance that the buyer will pay a lot of money for a frame that he does not like, or that does not fit in his interior.

So I choose a cheap frame with a message, the buyer can decide whether he leaves the art print in it or if he replaces it.

Denmark has a tradition of reusing all kinds of inventory and other things. Even in the smallest villages there is at least one second-hand store. And very often the stores are run by the church or by an aid organization, the proceeds are then intended for charity.


Carsten Krog Pedersen and I will exhibit photos in a challenging and exciting style.
Carsten exhibits silhouettes of birds. Some blurry, some sharp.
I exhibit my well known landscapes; 11 limited editions in small sizes and framed in old frames.

The exhibition is open daily from 12:00 to 16:00 until April 22. I will be in the gallery myself on Sunday 14th (Vernissage) and from Thursday 18th to Monday 22nd.

The exhibition will take place in Carstens gallery Billedsprog in Søndergade 22, Frøstrup, North Jutland, Denmark.

It would be great to see you there!

When you are interested or planning to come, please let us know on the Facebook page of Carsten.
If you would like to meet me there on another day than Sunday 14th or from Thursday 18th to Monday 22nd, please send me a message!




All photos on this website are available as Open Edition fine art print and as Limited Edition fine art print in any size, on fine art cotton paper up to a maximum size of the shortest side of 110 centimeters ~ app. 43 inches*, unless a photo specifies that certain editions / sizes are no longer available.

*Ask for the maximum sizes on other types of paper.

Do you like one of my photos and do you consider buying it, but want to see how it looks in your interior beforehand?
Follow the steps on the page Preview before purchase and I’ll send you a photomontage of the desired photo in your office, living room, bedroom or any other room !

Questions or orders you can send to me by filling out the contact form or by email to



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Please contact me if you want to use a photo or poem.

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